Welcome to Wolf Moon Studios

A little about myself, my name is Mario Previti. I began my music career as a self-taught bassist, which lead into a 7-year journey with Massacre Records’ recording artists Psychosis. This initial foray in the industry propelled me into recording and touring opportunities across the United States and Europe, I always had the desire to delve deeper into studio engineering so I attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, where I graduated with a 4.0 GPA & studied under some of the best in the business. Upon graduation I moved into one of the biggest studios in California, The Plant Recording Studios where I worked as a second engineer. My knowledge expanded daily sitting side by side with engineers like Mike Boden (Mudvayne, Joe Satriani)/ Arne Frager (Santana, Prince) and working on projects for artists like Third Eye Blind, Eric Martin (Mr. Big) and Ronnie Montrose. 

After my time at The Plant, I had the opportunity to learn more about room acoustics so I accepted a position as an inside sales manager for MSR Acoustics from 2006-2008. Working next to pioneers in the music/audio world like Tony Grimani (Dolby Labs, Lucasfilm THX) and Keith Olsen (Fleetwood Mac, Journey, Whitesnake) I gained greater insight into proper acoustics for professional and home studios as well as how to specify acoustical treatment systems. 

Renegade Studios represented my next venture into the studio world. I designed the acoustic treatment layouts and specified all of the studio gear plus I assisted Tony Grimani with the calibration. My inaugural client was Jefferson Starship, who recorded their latest album “Jefferson’s Tree Of Liberty”. Multi-platinum artist Bonnie Raitt has also made use of my studio for tour rehearsals. Eric Martin (Mr. Big.) tracked vocals for 2 of his solo projects & the legendary vocalist Kathi McDonald tracked & mixed her latest project "On with the Show"   with Rick Kirch (John Lee Hooker) on guitar & guest appearances by Sam Andrew (Big Brother) & Snooky Flowers. All the great gear has been moved to Wolf Moon in the greater Nashville area and the latest  adventure has begun. 

In addition to my studio work, I have had the privilege to mix FOH for 4-time Grammy Award winner Edwin Hawkins. Working with Edwin, I have mixed at the 2008 gospel music festival in Amsterdam with the Holland Symfonia, The Boston Pops & the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock in San Francisco 

If that is not enough, I am also an acoustical design engineer for Performance Media Industries Ltd. (PMI), a world class  acoustical engineering firm (also owned by pioneer Tony Grimani) specializing in acoustics and system design for high-end home cinema, production facilities, broadcast and recording studio applications. My design projects have won numerous CEDIA awards including Best Media Room,  Best Home Cinema Americas and Global, and Best Documentation. Check out our website as the work we do there is amazing! 

Besides top artists,   I also have worked with many great local artists. My studio's main focus is  the independent artist with quality comparable to majo  productions.

Feel free to check out my music page to hear some samples of my work and the photo page to see the studio.